Bluestone Training

Japanese/European practical western business orientation.

  • As a key decision maker in your organisation you will probably be asking yourself these questions:
  • Where do you want to take your organisation and yourself?
  • What do your people need to be doing to ensure success?
  • How do you know that your people are able to deliver your organisational strategy?
  • How can you choose between on the job development, self learning, internal training and external providers?
  • How can you be sure that what you invest in will make a difference?

We will work with you to analyse how you can increase the effectiveness of your people and help them to help themselves deliver improved results for your organisation.

What does Bluestone do?
Bluestone exists solely to maximise the effectiveness of individuals and teams both within and outside their business environment.

How do we do it?
We get to know you and your organisation and use our experience and outstanding analytical skills to define exactly what the issues are and how best to tackle them productively.



We would welcome the opportunity of discussing your specific needs. Contact us here.

What solutions do we offer? It depends what your organisation needs.

We work with our clients to provide:

  • Facilitation of strategy development acting as an impartial but informed mediator in the Board Room
  • Individual executive coaching
  • Keynote speaking at launches and conferences
  • Motivational and structured team development events
  • Written briefing materials in support of HR initiatives
  • Scripts and workbooks for specific multimedia or text based interventions
  • Psychometric evaluations and interventions based on the results
  • Dynamic and effective skills development training for individuals and groups

How do we know it works?
Ask our clients. They keep asking us back to work with them. We build long term, deep relationships with our clients. They learn to trust us because we do what we say we will. Because we work with them for years not months, we invest the time to know their businesses in depth and to get to know their people.

What sort of clients do we have?
We have clients in the public sector, the charitable sector, financial services, healthcare and heavy industry. They range in size from a handful of devoted charitable workers to some of the largest blue-chip organisations in the world.

It doesn't matter. People are people wherever they live and work and the issues they face are very similar.